Success Stories: Richard Reed of Innocent and Michelle Mone of Ultimo

Success Stories: Richard Reed of Innocent and Michelle Mone of Ultimo

What is the secret to extraordinary success? Grit? Determination? Luck?

If you are wondering what secrets do successful entrepreneurs have? I have found one video that can help answering your questions.

The video, commissioned by BBC, explores what drives UK’s best entrepreneurs in order to be successful – and make their millions. Peter Jones CBE, a successful entrepreneur himself, talks with two unique entrepreneurs – Richard Reed, the co-founder of Innocent, a successful smoothie company, and Michelle Mone OBE, the CEO of Ultimo, a successful lingerie business.

All successful entrepreneurs share a few traits. The big question is, can they be learned? Find out the answer in this video:

I LOVE Richard’s office settings! I would love to own a share of his 165-million-pound-per-year business 🙂 Michelle Mone, on the other hand, is an inspirational Mompreneur; raising 3 kids and running the best successful lingerie business in the UK is feat not many can do.

It’s a very interesting video offering wealth of insights. So, what are the traits successful entrepreneurs share in common: Grit and determination – for sure. But here’s one unique characteristic at least both Mr. Reed and Ms. Mone share: They don’t easily take “no” for an answer.

So, if you want to have your best shot at success, never, ever take no for an answer just like that. And yes, you and I can learn to do that.

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