Graphic Artists: Can You Doodle in 3D with a Pen? Yes, Now You Can!

Graphic Artists: Can You Doodle in 3D with a Pen? Yes, Now You Can!

I’m always interested in 3D printing and always wonder how portable a 3D printing tool can be. In my search, I’ve found that the only limit is your imagination.

Doodling on a paper – even on your iPad – is so last season. 3D technology is becoming more accessible, and this time, this particular pen brings sexy back to doodling.

Introducing Lix Pen.

Lix 3D pen enables you do doodle and create a 3D drawing – or any art forms you can think of.

Lix Pen works like other 3D printing gadgets available in the market today – with a twist: Instead of crafting your stuffs in your computer or ‘photocopying’ real objects, you can ‘print in real time’ using the pen.

Just write and draw as you like – in the air – and get creative.

Super. Awesome.

Lix Pen was successfully crowd-funded via Kickstarter, raising £731,690 from 8,030 backers. It’s way over the £30,000 goal. Congrats!

This professional tool is great for graphic artists or business owners – and for anyone really. You can woo your partners or potential clients with your real time 3D doodling. You can even use Lix Pen as a conversation starter – breaking the ice by creating a wireframe-like art using your typical looking pen.

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