Amazing Trick Shots in McDonald’s GOL! FIFA World Cup 2014 Ad

Amazing Trick Shots in McDonald’s GOL! FIFA World Cup 2014 Ad

I love freestyle football. The players’ skills are awesome, and they are always fun to watch (I watched plenty of YouTube videos on street and freestyle football.)

So, when this commercial went public on YouTube, it’s becoming one of my fav sports commercial and brand storytelling gig. Watch this McDonald’s GOL! commercial featuring trick shots from talented freestyle footballers:

Celebrating the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, McDonald’s – just like the others – is jumping into the bandwagon. McDonald’s does things a bit differently, though. They launched a soccer game app (McDonald’s GOL!)

The app is unique because it features augmented reality tech – using real life objects as part of the game. The emphasis of the game is not on scoring goals, but rather on how the goals are made; so, you can bounce the ball off a real life object as a wall to score a goal.

Fun and quite innovative.

A storytelling masterpiece

The whole campaign is a typical marketing gig carried out riding at the back of a major event.

Riding on the worldwide popularity of FIFA World Cup, McDonald’s smartly taken the branding opportunity by creating a gaming app and a great commercial – not really to promote the GOL! app, but rather to enforce McD’s brand storytelling: An app you can enjoy with friends at McD restaurants or everywhere, and do trick shots like those you see in the commercial.

Well done, McD! A brilliant campaign. Agreed?

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