Want Success? Embrace Changes: Justin Kan’s Story

Want Success? Embrace Changes: Justin Kan’s Story

Are there any entrepreneurs who are successful on the first try? Well, maybe there are, but what I know is that some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there embrace changes very well, including change of directions and failures.

Want an example of how successful entrepreneurs are embracing changes? Here’s one: Justin Kan.

Justin Kan, a serial techpreneur, is the founder of the uber-popular Justin.tv. His story is a good example of how you respond to failures and change your business direction for more success.

Justin shares his entrepreneurial story here:

Wow. I love Justin’s exit strategy: Selling his failing startup on eBay!

Plenty of lessons I can learn from Justin’s story:

  • If your startup fails, don’t close it down; sell it!
  • If your startup’s growth is restrained, change direction; adapt to what your target market wants – just like what he did with Justin.tv.
  • Two minds are better than one: Co-found and partner with other entrepreneurs.
  • If you want a successful startup, solve other people’s problems; this is what Justin is doing with his Exec.

Have you learned something from Justin’s story? Please share!

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