How to Tell Your Brand’s Story in a Fast-Paced Social Media World

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story in a Fast-Paced Social Media World

We are in 2014. Don’t tell your brand’s story like it was 2007.  The culture has shifted, and people’s life has been hacked – thanks to social media and mobile tech.

Today, you have a very limited time to tell your story, because, according to Gary Vaynerchuk, we are now living in micro-moments.  A flood of updates is hitting your mobile device’s screen every minute, and your brain is now trained to sift through the updates quickly.

“Quickly” is not a good situation when you are doing brand storytelling. So, how to respond to the trends? How to tell your story in a fast-faced world? Let’s have Mr. Vaynerchuk to explain that to you in his unique style and sheer knowledge about markets’ psychology.

Here’s a teaser for you: How to tell your story in hyper-speed? The answer is this: Focus on context, not content.

Watch and learn:

An insightful talk.

Yes, Mr. Vaynerchuk is right: We often view social media platforms as distribution channels, and we often don’t really talk with our customers and prospects. So, if you want your story to be heard, you need be where your market hangs out and give what really interest them.

Continue to deliver value, and as your prospects are engaged with your story, you can then offer your products/services. Got it?

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