In Brand Storytelling, Simplicity Wins: Moto E Commercial

In Brand Storytelling, Simplicity Wins: Moto E Commercial

Motorola has just launched Moto E. The Android KitKat-powered smartphone boasts durablility and affordability – at around $120, it’s affordable, indeed.

If you expect more reviews, I apologise. This post is not about phone review, but rather the Moto E commercial.

I must say that, although the commercial seems simple, but it tells the whole story about the smartphone. Watch this:

Watching the commercial, I just realized that my eyes fixed to the falling Moto E for one full minute. The ad design is so simple, it’s easy for my eyes and mind to understand the storytelling process:

“Guys, look over here: I drop this phone, and it will travel through trials and tribulations – and land unscratched on the palm of someone’s hand.”

And I bet the production costs are way below the costs major smartphone brands are expending for creating the ultimate commercial.

The ad gets my full attention. Win. The ad gets kudos from the media because of the simplicity in the story being told. Win. The prospects just love the ad, the phone and the price. Win. Moto E is durable and affordable. Win.

With the all-wins, I think Motorola is doing a great job with the launch – and will get epic ROI on their marketing budget.


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