Want to Be a Good Leader? Start Acting Like a Real Human

Want to Be a Good Leader? Start Acting Like a Real Human

The digital world has taken so much from our life, in such a way that we don’t actually need an Oculus Rift, Second Life or any other virtual life/virtual reality stuffs. We are already living near-virtually.

You are always on your smartphones/tablets; you are always online; you prefer to contact people by email/social media, even if your friends, family and colleagues are just a phone call away. You even don’t think it’s a good idea to walk and actually talk with your colleague who are just 30 feet away from you – you opt for email. How about tweeting, liking, following, reading status updates on the dining table – instead of taking with those you have dinner with?

Sounds familiar?

Those are probably the same reasons why we are no longer an ideal leader. Sure, we direct how our business should go; we make decisions; we invest in people. But we are all missing the point.

Being a leader is not all about telling people what to do or where to go. Leadership means you spend your time to build relationship and nurture those you lead. Yes, it takes more time and other resources, too – but this is perhaps why there is a lack of true leadership in the business world.

Want an insightful talk on the subject? I strongly recommend you to watch this Simon Sinek‘s keynote. He reveals the factors – including biological factors – that make a leader trusted – and, well, become a true leader.

Real leaders are real people. Technology doesn’t replace leadership; human-to-human interaction is still crucial in leadership.

Want to be a good leader? Start acting like a real human.

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