Rand Fishkin Explains SEO for Business. Non-Techie-Friendly

Rand Fishkin Explains SEO for Business. Non-Techie-Friendly

SEO is a major issue for me, thanks to Google. But SEO is not all about Google. Sure, Google’s share of search market is 67 percent, but you need to optimize for search engines in general so you don’t have to rely the future of your business on Google; that would not be a wise strategy.

To businesses, SEO is quite trivial. There are so many factors to consider and so many myths to bust – especially with all the misinformation we get from the so-called “SEO experts.” But if you are serious in your effort to gain traffics and leads through search engines, one of the go-to guy you should listen to is Rand Fishkin.

Rand (love the moustache, by the way!) is the founder of Moz, a popular inbound marketing company which launches web analytic software and takes care a raving community of online marketers.

I personally listen to Rand for SEO/marketing advice – I love the Whiteboard Friday videos, by the way – and I recommend you to watch his interview with Entrepreneur.com on a topic that is crucial to business owners: SEO for business.

Some nice 101 on SEO for business!

One lesson to learn: With SEO, you need to test and experiment – the techniques are there, but the execution will need to be tailored to your site’s purpose and needs. With SEO, there is no one size fits all approach. For example, SEO Scotland trends will differ from SEO trends in America, common sense no?

Insightful talk with Rand Fishkin. Agreed?

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