Learn How 100 Small-town Entrepreneurs are Living the American Dream

Learn How 100 Small-town Entrepreneurs are Living the American Dream

Entrepreneurship is challenging. But even more challenging, is working in – or rather, hold on – a job.

You see, tech advances have caused the decline of employment. Let me put it this way: What you can do today, will soon be or has already been replaced by a system.

You have two choice: Hang on to your job and get your perks tarnished over time or quit your job and become an entrepreneur.

If you choose the former, well, good luck. You gonna need it. If you choose the latter, congratulations: You are responding well to the challenge in the market and jumping into the exciting world of business ownership.

Yes, you might not have benefits and all, but you have the freedom to do what you love.

But, wait. “Just do it” mentality is great, but you need to do it with a calculated risk (read: better chances for success.) Here’s a better way: Learn from success stories.

To get started, let’s have a a look at how successful entrepreneurs do it.

Bill Gates is a good role model. Richard Branson, too. Daymond John? Cool. But probably a better way to start is to learn how under-the-radar entrepreneurs do it – and the best way to do so is by looking at how entrepreneurs in small towns are doing it.

Well, you are in luck: Because this Kickstarter project will be an awesome project to complete.

Entrepreneurs Mike Glauser, Shawn Sadowski and Jay Glauser will ride bikes cross-country from West Coast of Oregon to East Coast of Virginia – that’s a 4,000-mile journey!

In the journey, they will visit 100 cities and talk with 100 thriving small-town entrepreneurs. The interviews will be well-documented, and will be launched in the form of an epic entrepreneurship book and video documentaries.

I think the crowdfunding project will be successfully funded, and the book and documentaries will be super-awesome.

I suggest you to support the project and turn it into a reality: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1140205981/my-new-enterprise-tour-2014

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