Making Social Media Mistakes? Do THIS Now!

Making Social Media Mistakes? Do THIS Now!

I’ve watched videos and read articles about social media mistakes big brands made. They are silly – and sometimes hilarious. Some of them are just bad, in such a way that the brands need to make a public statement about it. But all in all, a mishap won’t ruin the entire business.

Here’s why:

Gary Vaynerchuk said: Intent trumps all.

When you’ve made mistakes in your status updates and tweets, you need to show good intention if you want to recover from them. Mr. Vaynerchuk says that saying you are sorry is the best you can do, because – believe it or not – the Internet is full of people too proud to say they are sorry when they are making mistakes.

And guess what – saying you are sorry will not only repair your reputation, but also improve it.

Say you are sorry – and try to fix things for the better. Got it. Note taken. Advice followed.

What do you think of Gary Vee’s advice?

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