What Would You Do to Win a Free Movie Ticket?

What Would You Do to Win a Free Movie Ticket?

Freebies rock. And people are often willing to do the unthinkable to claim it. Want proof?

These guys are so determined to get 007’s SKYFALL movie ticket for free, they are willing to run to the other train platform to get it. With obstacles deliberately positioned to make the 70 seconds time limit more difficult to achieve, those who are made it is pretty awesome, IMO.

This brand-storytelling-slash-prankvertising gig is a partnership between Coca Cola Zero and the James Bond movie, SKYFALL.

As you might have guessed, this video is launched around 2012 and today, it’s still getting views, registering more than 10 million views – good for becoming the second most viewed videos in Coca Cola Zero’s YouTube channel.

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