Have You Tried Asking a Drunk Person to Have a Look at Your Business Website?

Have You Tried Asking a Drunk Person to Have a Look at Your Business Website?

Business owners – have you looked really, really deep into your website? I mean, your business website might have the best graphics and layout, but have you ever wondered why your business website doesn’t bring in as many leads as you hope for, or even doesn’t bring in customers at all?

Here’s a clue for you: User interface or popularly known as UI.

Have you ever wondered what your site visitors and potential customers looked when they visited your site? Can they easily find what they are looking for? Are they lost?

If you haven’t, then you should think about it today. Why? Because it can make a difference between zero lead and a hundred leads – or more.

Look closely at your website UI; what’s your website’s interface like? Is it easy to navigate your website? Is it easy to learn more about your business/services/products? Is it easy to find help?

Confused? Well, don’t. There is an easy way to detect the problems with your user interface, as well as how to fix it. Here is a video that I think, by far, the best in explaining the concept of UI:

The best tip I picked up from the video: When your site visitors need to do something on your site, you need to let them know what they are about to do. And say it again to assure that what they are doing is the right thing to do.

Say it twice. Let me repeat that again. Say it twice. Got it.

Cheers, mate – bottoms up!

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