What World of Warcraft can Teach You about Business

What World of Warcraft can Teach You about Business

Did you know why female gamers are sexy? Because they can take their game playing experience into real life, including business life – and this rocks, big time!

Let’s take one example: Veronica Belmont, the host of The Sword and Laser, was playing World of Warcraft (WoW) since 2007, and she was a member of one of the largest guilds (read: groups of WoW players) in the world.

She takes business lessons from her involvement in the guild – what are they?

Super-interesting. In MMORPG, you’ll learn teamwork – how to work with other guild members for pursuing a common goal. You’ll also learn to think outside the box, looking for solutions.

And lastly – and most importantly, IMO – you’ll learn that loving what you do can take you a long way, not only in business but also in your personal life.

Lessons learned. Agreed?

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