Why This Mobile Gadget Will Revolutionize the Printing Industry

Why This Mobile Gadget Will Revolutionize the Printing Industry

Forget the much-hyped 3D printing for a while. Let’s go back to the actual workflow of students, office workers and entrepreneurs.

You see, thanks to the mobile technology, no you are able to do any works from your mobile devices. Today, students can work on school projects on a smartphone or laptop; office workers can do their job on the go on their tablet PCs; entrepreneurs can manage projects while traveling the world using mobile devices and cloud apps.

But one thing is still missing: What would you do when you need to print out documents? School work to submit? Contracts to sign? Report to complete?

Sure, you can always go paperless, but the reality is, you can’t really escape printing-on-papers. It’s still the mainstream, and as long as it stays that way, you will always need printers.

While almost everything else can be done on the go, printing is left behind in the technology. For your printing needs, you still need to go to a business service center, or a least have your documents printed via online services. You still need a faster way to print, to keep up with the mobile tech.

Fortunately, a small-but-smart tech company, ZUtA Labs Let., has found a way to solve your problem. They are set to revolutionize the printing industry with their mobile printing gadget, ZUtA Pocket Printer.

This awesome mini mobile robotic printer will print for you from your smartphone on any size pages. Check out the coolness of the gadget from their Kickstarter pitch video:

Mind-blowing. This will change how location independent people do things – for the better.

What do you think? Will you support the project or buy the printer? I know I would!

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