Here is Why Daymond John is One of the Best Sharks in the Tank

Here is Why Daymond John is One of the Best Sharks in the Tank

Did you know that ALL successful entrepreneurs have their fair share of failures? No entrepreneur gets the “IT” in the first try; Entrepreneurs fail; and get up again; and fail again; and get up again. Quite often, some of the most successful entrepreneurs involve in more failed ventures than successful ones.

What makes entrepreneurs worthy to be labeled as “SUCCESSSFUL” is their ability to learn the lessons from their failures and mistakes to start a better business and go one step closer to success.

Daymond John is no exception. The founder of FUBU, a popular hip-hop fashion brand, and an investor of Shark Tank failed a lot more than succeeded, yet his success overcomes the failures. The key to his success? He never stops learning.

One of his mistakes involves investing plenty of money on a music album – something he and his team didn’t have a strong knowledge in. It’s deemed to fail. Learned the lessons, John grows his business by choosing his partner carefully and grow using sound tactics and strategies while properly managing risks.

A must watch video. Check it out:

I am usually watching a YouTube video while doing something else on my laptop. But Mr. John has pinned me to the video and listen to every word he said. Epic lessons. Again, a must watch video if you want to have your best shot at success.

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