Want to Become a Smarter Entrepreneur? Embrace This One Habit

Want to Become a Smarter Entrepreneur? Embrace This One Habit

The business world is all about survival for the fittest. Fortunately, there is a way to improve your chance to survive, even thrive: Become a smarter entrepreneur.

Becoming a smarter entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you should read as many business books as possible, or attend as many seminars and conferences as possible. It actually only needs you to embrace one, single habit.

James Clear, a writer and photographer, shares an interesting habit adopted by a British cycling team who never won Tour de France. This one habit should bring them success in 5 years, and the cycling team has actually achieved their goal in 3 years, winning the Tour de France, and repeat it again a year later.

Get enlightened here:

This is one of the best advice I have ever heard.

Taking the advice to the business world – in becoming a smarter entrepreneur and improving your business’ revenue, making small improvements is more effective and efficient than trying to overhaul the company culture and disrupt the business model.

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