Jordan Vs. Jordan: The Greatest Sports Ad Ever Made

Jordan Vs. Jordan: The Greatest Sports Ad Ever Made

When you are telling a story about your brand, you can creative enough in such a way that a smallish budget can results in stunning ROI. However, there are at times when you need to splash a lot from your budgeting money in order to secure the endorsement of a popular public figure.

Gatorade has done it, and the brand gets “two” public figures to endorse the brand: The 23-year-old Michael Jordan and the 39-year-old Michael Jordan. And oh, there is also a cameo in the ad, who happen to be a popular figure in basketball – college baller’s Michael Jordan in his North Carolina jersey.

In my opinion, this is the best NBA ad so far and Gatorade is lucky to invest in this commercial.

As Gatorade target sports fan, especially NBA fan, this ad literally throws a one-two punch on the audience’s face: MJ is the NBA legend, and we always wonder whether the older-but-wiser Jordan can go against the younger-but-less-seasoned Jordan.

The Gatorade commercial decides that the old Jordan wins. A favorable ending to a great one-on-one basketball story.

What do you think of the commercial?

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