Learn Why Gary Vaynerchuk Will Hire You Even If You Can’t Type

Learn Why Gary Vaynerchuk Will Hire You Even If You Can’t Type

Gary Vaynerchuk has done it again! He is always two or three steps ahead of the industry, and this time, he slammed the hiring scene.

While most in the industry look at new candidates’ grades, educational background, prior experience, and so on – including taking a long hard look at the discoveries they have made using sophisticated hiring tools and methods, Gary takes things two steps ahead.

To him, it’s not about hiring; it’s about firing: It’s not about whom you let in; it’s about how to get them out if they are not right. That’s why Mr. Vaynechuk hires people by intuition. That’s also why he is not allowed to help with hiring anymore.

Very convincing. And he is spot-on.

I hire employees, and I never ask for their resume (because I personally think that resumes are mostily containing white lies.) When hiring someone, I talk with them. And if I can’t talk to them face to face, I’ll have a Skype call or email conversations with the candidates.

That way, I can let my intuition help me and avoid achievements, backgrounds and credentials to cloud my judgement.

So, what do you think? Will you hire someone based on intuition like Mr. Vaynerchuk did?

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