I’m Proud to Be an Introvert: Are you?

I’m Proud to Be an Introvert: Are you?

Our culture is broken. We expect people to be outgoing, bubbly, funny and all. The society often deems the introverts as a group of people with “a challenge” to fit in.

The same thing happens in the business world. Bosses always think that employees should be outgoing and communicate well verbally with colleagues. Unfortunately, us introverts don’t like to talk too much. We like to think and we talk if necessary.

No, we are not being rude; we just a bit more careful with our words than others; we’d like to think before we act – that’s why many of us are better business strategists.

You see, extroverts and introverts share their own upsides and downsides. Unfortunately, our culture deems being introvert as “difficult” – even “shameful.”

If you are an introvert, this video can help you see that you are unique in your own way. If you are someone who think that being an introvert is “wrong”, this video can open your eyes to the potentially life-changing relationship and partnership with introverts.

‘Nuff said. Susan Cain has said it all. The world needs introverts.

Can introverts be entrepreneurs and business leaders? Absolutely. Can introverts be public speakers? Obviously. Can introverts be interesting in a conversation? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Introverts help the world ticks. Agreed?

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