Suffer No More: How to Finally Secure a Small Business Loan

Suffer No More: How to Finally Secure a Small Business Loan

Almost every entrepreneur has fantasized about turning their business idea into a viral success story. However, this is not a common occurrence and if it happens, it takes time and money. A business loan is usually among the top priorities for a source of funds for a startup.

Applying for a small business loan can be very tasking and at times frustrating. Recent statistics indicate that more than half of small businesses have applied for a loan. Unfortunately, more than half don’t get what they have expected while some get nothing at all. But with a few improvements and preparations, you stand a better chance to get the perfect loan.

Get informed on your credit score and take the necessary action

Although you may desire a distinction between your personal finances and business, lenders will have to consider your credit worthiness before lending any business money. Your credit score will be a major factor in determining the approval and the financiers will be keen to see if you can manage the funds appropriately. If you are not sure about your credit score, it’s possible to check online and make adjustments where necessary.

An entrepreneur with a poor credit score may have difficulties in accessing a loan than someone with a decent credit score. In a few months, you can make significant improvements to your credit score by minimizing the use of allocated credit line as well as paying bills on time.

Have a good expenditure plan that revolves around essential expenses

The lender is very keen on the planned expenditure for the money. They want to see the money applied towards essential business assets that will contribute to a healthy growth. Never give vague and general expenditure plans. Instead, be specific and as clear as possible when describing the projected spending. A spending focused on business expansion will make the lender confident in your fund’s management. In addition, they know the business will be in a position to pay the borrowed money.

Have a solid business plan and gather all the necessary documents

Today, most entrepreneurs are moving away from business plans and are adopting more flexible methods. The Lean Sigma and Agile systems are gaining popularity; they are seen as better means of daily operations and planning for the future. Despite the popularity, traditional business plans are expected when making submitting a business loan application with credit matching service like

A solid business plan is appealing to most traditional lenders and provides tangible evidence. Most business loans take a few years to repay and it is important that the lender sees your financial projections. And most importantly, they need to see the systems you have in place to deal with financial emergencies in the business. If your business plan exhaustively deals with all financial issues, the lender will have confidence in your business and raise your chances for success.

Along with a good business plan, there are several documents that are required for the application process. Prepare all the necessary legal documents for your business and bank statements. Sometimes, having the tax return documents, some contracts and credit reports will increase your success rates.

Online small business loan

Always consider a backup plan

Although a good credit score, a perfect business plan and meeting a lender’s requirements will draw you closer to the loan, it is not obvious to get what you had envisioned. Most lenders will have preferences to certain industries and this means you can meet all requirements and still miss the requested loan. To mitigate such situations, you need to consider alternatives that you can easily use.

Today, there are several options available to businesses and they are equally effective. With online alternatives, you can easily access funds from all different parts of the world. And sometimes, this could mean your loan will turn out to be cheaper than most traditional options.

Seek expert advice

The process of applying for a business loan is very different from dealing with a personal loan. Professionals will give solid advice on the basic requirements and guide you through the process. Besides, it works in your favor when the lender realizes you are not working alone. It is very convincing to tell the lender what experts in your field recommend and show the figures to back up your claims.

Although a financial adviser will cost you, it’s a worthy investment because they point out the exact issues that are working against the loan approval. Normally, they will plan a specific course of action that is tailored to your situation.


Taking a business to the next level requires some financial investment and for many businesses, a loan is a viable option. But applications are not easy to navigate. With the necessary preparation in the most vital areas, you stand a chance to improve your odds of getting a business loan.

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